Neuer Sponsor Sergio Grasso

em happy to announce that my new partnership / sponsorship with the @sergiograsso_ridingboots company has begun.
I am happy to be able to wear different dressage boots from @sergiograsso_ridingboots for competitions and training.

Sergio Grasso
Masters of your trade in riding boots
Day after day we select leather and raw materials of the highest quality.
Day after day we take care of all aspects of processing, remaining committed to the Italian artisanal tradition, which we complement with technology and advanced techniques. Day after day, attention to every detail is our hallmark, enriching what we make and making our brand recognized around the world.
We have been doing all this since 1979, since Sergio Grasso’s touch began to give shape to our passion to share it with all those for whom horseback riding is a unique experience.


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